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Havana, Jul 17 (P L) President Miguel Díaz-Canel pleaded to seek a temporary solution for workers dismissed from work in activities demanded by the national economy.

During a meeting held Tuesday in which he assessed the employment program and the attention to the demographic dynamics in the country, the Cuban leader highlighted the possibility to improve that more than 200,000 people have more than one job, in addition to developing off-site or remote job.

According to a national television report, the head of State also referred to business groups that have more companies than they can serve, while the coexistence between small and medium-sized businesses, not only in state, but also in private sector, was stated.

During the meeting chaired by Diaz-Canel, the issue of demographic dynamics in Cuba was addressed, and it was known that necessary measures continue to be adopted so that the infertile couple can have the desired children.

The issue of rehabilitation, maintenance and construction of housing for mothers with three or more children under 12 years old, a stimulus policy the country has, was also addressed, the report said.

The Cuban president stressed the importance of mothers with the aforementioned characteristics to have a house with good conditions.

The situation with day-care centers (nurseries) and homes for the elderly was also analyzed during the meeting.