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The United States lives politically an internal chaos that does not seem to end. The Trump Administration, questioned since its genesis by alleged links with the Kremlin, swims against the current like small salmon and terrified. This federal constitutional republic has become a libertarian nation, in which new revelations continue to appear against the New York leader. Apparently allies of the Congress and the Senate seem to play the role of turning their backs on such a crucial stage to the boss seeking their own benefit. The final Apocalypse is imminentThe investigations carried out by the FBI show for the moment that a “RussiaGate” is latent within the Executive. Senators such as Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) support the continuity of the investigations. His mediate interest, corroborate with facts and solid evidence of a Russian interference through a “draft law case” presented to Congress as a spearhead to annihilate Mister US President # 45. Precisely the US President # 45, is accused by both politicians of obtain electoral benefits in 2016 through the mediation of the post-Soviet regime.

According to an article by colleague Alex Daugherty, both are waiting for the Select Committee of the Senate on Intelligence to issue specific security recommendations on elections before formally supporting a bill related to Russian interference in the elections.

But what can be behind this political fabric? What could be the backgrounds of these jousts and, to a certain extent, focused actions of the American Senate? Undoubtedly, the Cold War stages are revived and someone wants to be the lucky cowboy-actor who once won the US Presidency. For the experts of the matter, Marco Rubio rushes as the main contender for the presidency, but for this he needs to wear down his main opponent, Donald Trump.

Rubio, has shown not care about changing sides, even being loyal to “friendly fire”. His intentions to attack the Kremlin, through Congress, involve gaining space in an open conversation by the Florida senator in the best “Kafkaesque” style, reaching the Democratic Party in 2020. This would imply repeating the Reagan cycle successfully, copying its formula. Trump, who understood little chess in his life, would be defeated by a Congressional Checkmate in less than 5 moves. Today, he walks precipitated by a board, without horses and bishops to defend him. The real pawns that accompany him will betray his side. In the case of Marco Rubio will no longer be a king pawn, aspiring to be crowned and has already refused to continue the orders of those who prevail, will achieve his dream, at least will return to run as a candidate for the presidency with greater chances of success. In 2020 if he manages to get and aggressive contest, in which experts predict the possibility of a Trump out of the game, if not, his young age helps him wait until 2024.

When the time comes, we will experience a period of crisis in the United States. The social minorities will be subjected to the mistreatment of a powerful class that will be forged with the lowest of American nationalist sentiment. Persecuted artists, intellectuals, blacks, descendants of Jews and women. It will revive the “McCarthyism” and intensify the xenophobia, the struggle against the Arab world and the West. All this will be directed from the White House if an individual like this one of confused origin triumphs as president. On these dates I can only ask my lord “God, please, bless America”!