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“All those who seek to normalize ties with the Zionist regime (of Israel) will be punished by their own people,” Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah stressed.

The leader of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance group, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, has restated the group’s commitment to the Palestinian cause, vowing that the Shia group and its regional allies will renew their focus on the liberation of Palestine following their recent string of victories in the regional fight against the Islamic State group and other Gulf Arab- and Western-backed extremist groups.

The party’s secretary-general called on Hezbollah’s allies in Lebanon and regional cohorts in Syria, Iraq and other countries to begin the construction of a united strategy “in the field” to confront Tel Aviv.

Nasrallah spoke by video link to a large protest in the southern Beirut suburb of Dahieh in response to U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Tel Aviv’s exclusive claims to occupied Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by beginning to move the U.S. Embassy there.

On Monday, he repeated the call he made last week for a new Palestinian uprising against the “new Balfour Declaration” given by Trump to Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu while calling on Saudi Arabia and its junior partners to cease its normalization process with Tel Aviv.

“All those who seek to normalize ties with the Zionist regime (of Israel) will be punished by their own people,” the Hezbollah chief stressed.

Explaining about the widespread demonstrations in occupied Palestinian territories of West Bank and the Gaza Strip, he added that what was going on in those territories was a true Intifada (uprising).

Nasrallah emphasized that the U.S. decision on Jerusalem wasn’t an isolated decision, but it came in the context a regional plot to destroy Islamic nations, adding, “I had mentioned earlier that the U.S., which is backing Daesh (the Islamic State group), aims to destroy our societies in order to destroy the Palestinian cause.”

The main goal of the U.S. and its junior partners, he added, was the forging of a settlement between Palestinians and Israelis with the support of Saudi-led governments in an attempt to kill the Palestinian cause.

“The whole ummah (nation) must stand in the face of this American threat,” he added, noting the leadership role required of the people of Palestine.

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The Hezbollah leader also noted that rather than bolstering global support for Tel Aviv, Trump’s decision has actually led to blowback.

“We must put pressure on the Arab and Islamic states to repeal peace treaties and other deals with Israel. I call on Palestinians to kick out any delegation that aims to visit them from countries that have normalized relations with Israel, no matter what the background of those delegations is,” he added in a comment clearly meant for the Saudis and their Egyptian and Gulf allies.

Hezbollah was formed in 1985 with the open backing of the newly-founded Islamic Republic of Iran as a militant political party and militia born out of repression against the Shia Muslim minority in Lebanon. It defines itself through its struggle against Israeli settler-colonialism in Palestine and Lebanon, particularly the 1982 Israeli occupation of South Lebanon which ended in the defeat of Israel and its humiliating withdrawal from the country in 2000.

Hezbollah inflicted a historic second defeat on the Israelis when Tel Aviv launched another campaign against southern Lebanon in 2006, which lasted for 33 days and claimed the lives of more than 1,000 Lebanese civilians and displaced about a million people.

Following weeks of conflict and the Israelis’ subsequent retreat, the group declared the war’s outcome to be a “Divine Victory” for those resisting aggression. The view that Hezbollah won the conflict was widely supported by observers, including Israeli and Western military experts.