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The 13-foot Trump effigy that served as a “fascist spinner” before being burnt by protesters in the Philippines.

Chalk outlines of bodies marked the ground, denouncing the thousands of murders conducted in the supposed defense of the war on drugs

Outside the 31st Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit, over 2,000 Filipinos protested U.S. President Donald Trump, ending their demonstration burning him in effigy.

As Trump Visits ASEAN Summit, Philippine Groups Stage Huge Anti-Imperialist Rallies

“Ban Trump in the Philippines,” signs read while a “fascist spinner,” an image of Trump stood as the backdrop for the event with his four arms holding a gun, a bag of money, a backhoe, and a nuclear bomb.

The 13-foot effigy was burned along with a U.S. flag which featured skulls and nuclear bombs in place of stars and the words, “Death to Imperialism and Fascism” over the stripes.

“The ASEAN summit offers nothing but imperialist or neo-liberal programs and policies that will put poor Filipinos into a much-deeper poverty and misery,” Anakpawis member Ariel Casilao, said. “We are already suffering from such and its consequences are exactly what we are objecting to.”

Chalk outlines of bodies marked the ground, denouncing the thousands of murders conducted in the so-called the war on drugs being carried out by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.

ASEAN Leaders at Philippine Gala Agree to Push Issues Aside

Organized by social group Bagong Alysansan Makabayan, or BAYAN, among others, the rallies took place both Sunday and Monday. Police put an abrupt end to Sunday’s protests with water cannons and sonic alarms, but demonstrators were out again Monday morning.

Trump arrived in Manila Sunday and attended the ASEAN anniversary dinner with Duterte as well as other members of the ASEAN community.

The two leaders held bilateral meetings Monday, reviewing the U.S.-Philippines alliance with some possible alterations and discussing the country’s counterterrorism efforts.

Trump is expected to wrap up his tour Tuesday and head home after completing the longest presidential visit throughout Asia for a U.S. president in over a quarter century.