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Washintgon, Oct 31 (prensa Latina) Ten Democratic senators urged President Donald Trump to abstain again in the UN vote on the resolution condemning the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by Washington against Cuba.
The legislators, headed Patrick Leahy (Vermont), sent a letter to the President in which they remind him that last year this country abstained from voting against the resolution for the first time.

According to the members of the Upper House, this was due to the fact that the efforts to isolate Cuba ‘have isolated us from the international community and particularly from allies and partners in this hemisphere.’

They indicated that since the economic, commercial and financial siege imposed 55 years ago is still a US law, it is unlikely that there is an opposition to that policy by the US administration.

‘However, as one of the only two nations that did not vote in favor of the resolution, we urge you to order our ambassador to the UN to abstain again to avoid further isolation of the United States.’

Referring to the text, the failed siege against the island ‘has been repeatedly and publicly condemned by the international community for being ineffective and harmful to the people of Cuba. The longer we maintain this obsolete Cold War policy, the more our international and regional credibility will suffer. ‘

The letter highlighted that the vast majority of US citizens, including Cuban-Americans, and Cubans from the Caribbean nation, oppose the blockade and favor the rapprochement of the United States.

A movement to once again challenge the international community by voting ‘no’ would not reflect the will of the US people, nor would it represent the voices of the hundreds of businesses, universities, state and local agencies, and cultural institutions that have already begun to get involved and invest in Cuba, they added.

According to the letter, a vote on a UN resolution can not replace the legislation required to end this ‘obsolete policy’ that only the Congress can repeal, but would point out to the world that this country remains open to dialogue and negotiation with the neighboring nation.

On Wednesday, Cuba will submit again to the General Assembly the draft resolution ‘Need to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba’, an initiative that since 1992 receives an overwhelming support by the international community.