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United Nations, Oct 31 (Prensa Latina) Nicaraguan deputy foreign minister, María Rubiales expressed full confidence here that the world will keep isolated the United States and its blockade against Cuba, in tomorrow”s vote in the UN General Assembly.

‘It has to be overwhelming and it will be so. There is no doubt that the international community will reject practically unanimously the economic, commercial and financial blockade, ‘he specified in an interview with Prensa Latina, talking about the twenty-sixth vote in the Assembly of a draft resolution on the need to lift it.

According to the also permanent Nicaraguan representative to the United Nations, the categorical condemnation of the siege imposed on Cuba for more than half a century constitutes a more important message now than ever.

The planet must raise its voice and tell the new administration in the White House that it is isolated and that the blockade can not continue, he stressed.

Rubiales insisted that the unilateral and extraterritorial sanctions of the United States have no support anywhere in the world, including in the northern country itself.

The majority of the US people want the end of the blockade, like the so-called Cuban-Americans, he said.

The Nicaragua deputy foreign minister described the siege maintained and intensified by the last 11 administration in the White House of an unjust and inexplicable measure in the 21st century.