Beirut, Oct 6 (Prensa Latina) Lebanese security forces began interrogating Mohammad Tufiq Al-Huyeiri, the Islamic State”s chief, who was captured yesterday in an area near the border with Syria.

Al-Huyeiri is suspected of planning and ordering kidnappings and killings of soldiers and civilians in the Lebanese city of Arsal, which over the last three years has been under the control of terrorist groups like Daesh, the acronym in Arabic of the Islamic State, and the former Al-Nusra Front.

Last August, a joint operation by the Lebanese Army with the Lebanese Resistance Movement Hezbollah expelled the terrorists from the city.

According to observers, Al-Huyeiri can provide information of great importance for the total elimination of terrorist threats in Lebanon.

In fact, this capital changed its panorama after the victory over the extremists, altough authorities fear that the radicals’revenge might awaken dormant cells.

Beirut authorities have taken precautionary measures in central locations where terrorists are used to carrying out suicide attacks.

At each intersection of major traffic or strategic areas, the Army and Police deployed forces and there is even an unusual activity of military vehicles through the center of the city.