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Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans arrive at the voting booths Sunday to vote for the candidates for the National Constituent Assembly.

Throughout the country, voters have expressed their surprise with the efficiency of the voting.

According to the most recent report from the National Electoral Council of Venezuela, nearly 100 of the polling stations across the country are up and running as hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans line up to cast their ballots for the National Constituent Assembly.


Venezuelans Pack Streets to Cast Vote in Constituent Assembly

Socorro Hernandez, spokeswoman for the CNE, stated that 94 percent of the booths staffed by machine operators and support technicians were prepared to receive Venezuelans arriving at voting centers since early Sunday morning.

A feeling of excitement fills the crowds as Venezuelans sing, dance and laugh as they wait to cast their vote for ANC delegates, taking the fate of their country into their own hands.

President Nicolas Maduro was one of the first in Caracas to vote, leading his country in the push for peace.

CNE president Tibisay Lucena said there were some signs of delay in the Amazonas, Bolivar and Delta Amacuro states due to the difficulty in accessing some communities. Although, she added that the problem was addressed and so far there haven’t been any complaints of disturbances to voters in these areas.

Throughout the country, voters have expressed their surprise with the efficiency of the voting.

So far, voting has been peaceful with the exception of a few isolated incidents of opposition supporters who had vowed to shut down the election.

In the community of Borburata in Carabobo state, a group of opposition protesters at the Julia Rosa Castillo School voting center threw stones and Molotov cocktails at the national guard protecting the voting station.

Venezuela Votes for National Constituent Assembly: Live Updates

As a result, Moreno Blanco Fander Eduardo was shot in the right leg and transported to a local clinic where he is stable. The voting center was relocated to Manuel Palacios Preschool, where everything is calm.

The safety of voters and the protection of their right to vote are priorities, Lucena emphasized to the press.

“The peace contingency center for voters in the capital, located in the sports arena of the Poliedro de Caracas, is already activated so that voters residing in areas where violence may break out, can still exercise their power, right to vote,” said the CNE president.

She added that military personnel will be present, supporting voters in many the municipalities, including Chacao, Baruta, El Hatillo, among others.

ULTIMA HORA. Opositores venezolanos ponen una bomba en Caracas que hiere a numerosos policías pic.twitter.com/2q6CDFVhBz

URGENTE: Opositores colocan potente explosivo en Altamira (Caracas)
Varios policías heridos mientras opositores aplauden pic.twitter.com/zvYccyStaL

“Opponents place powerful explosive in Altamira, Caracas. Several policemen injured while opponents applaud.”