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An attempted lynching by opposition supporters in the heart of Caracas, Venezuela.

There have been an estimated 30 similar cases reported between April and May.

Venezuela’s Ombudsman Tarek William Saab reported on his Twitter account that Venezuelan authorities have verified an attempted lynching outside the “Los Verdes” residence in the El Paraiso neighborhood of Caracas Saturday.

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Saab denounced that those “who committed this hate crime did so with the greatest impunity and in broad daylight.”

The official received news Saturday afternoon when former mayor and police chief, Freddy Bernal called to inform him about the hate crime.

“In the case of the beaten, mocked and bound man on a pole in Paraiso, we requested intervention from the GNB (Bolivarian National Guard) who came to the location and saved the man from certain murder by these new neo-Nazi Venezuelans,” Saab noted. He added that the perpetrators of such heinous acts have been dubbed as “heroes” by some in their attempt to insult the national identity.

Some right-wing opposition protesters have been accused of carrying out several hate crimes targeting perceived Chavistas. There have been an estimated 30 similar cases reported between April and May.

“Whoever places the noose, as well as his accomplices, are potential killers and, therefore, must be tried judicially. This type of neo-Nazism advances by leaps and bounds in Venezuela growing on fertile ground in our country, without the justice system, even with much evidence, stopping this barbarism. Tomorrow will be too late,” Saab posted.

After three months of opposition-led protests aimed at toppling the Bolivarian government of Venezuela, the nation’s National Constituent Assembly campaign got underway Sunday, which aims to stem acts of violence and promote dialogue.

However, most anti-government groups have chosen to boycott the process aimed at bringing peace to the country. Responding to their objection to participate in the ANC, Venezuelan

President Nicolas Maduro and former foreign minister and ANC candidate Delcy Rodriguez have said that the real plan behind the protests is to instigate widespread chaos which would further destabilize the country, with foreign intervention and the toppling of the Bolivarian government being the end game.