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Damascus, Jul 3 (Prensa Latina) Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Feisal al-Miqdad has denounced that governments in the Persian Gulf and the West are currently rearming terrorist organizations in Syria to follow orders by Israel and the United States.
Washington is working on the extension of the crisis, which is favoring Israel, Al-Miqdad told the media. He added that the US attack against the Al-Shairat air base ‘was not, politically, ethically nor operationally justified.’

The Deputy Minister who is the head of the national committee for implementing Syria’s obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention, reiterated that the enemies of Syria did ‘not have already anything to use but the issue of chemical weapons to justify their relation with terrorist organizations, and that is cheap propaganda to defame’ our country.

‘We have officially requested that the chemical weapons were destroyed out of Syria in order not to cast doubt on the issue and delegations from Denmark, the United States and Great Britain came for that purpose,’ he explained.

He remarked that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons had recognized that this nation had got rid of everything related to the chemical file.

Miqdad went on to say that military actions in the past months have proved the best for Syria since the beginning of the crisis, as the Army and its allies have advanced all over the country and national reconciliations are making great achievements in and around Damascus and in Homs.