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The 47th General Assembly of the Organization of the American States closed with Venezuela winning the day, as all attempts to intervene in the country’s internal affairs failed yet again.

US Promises A ‘Steady Drumbeat’ of Sanctions on Venezuela

During the three-day annual meeting which wrapped up Wednesday, sharp exchanges arose between several foreign ministers.

When Peru’s representative demanded that Venezuela drop its projected Constituent Assembly, Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez replied, “If (the countries condemning Venezuela’s crisis) are part of the litter of lap dogs that is friendly with the empire (the United States), Venezuela is not,” adding, “Venezuela will not accept this unjust interference that violates international norms.”

And after the Honduran Foreign Minister Maria Agüero insisted on addressing the internal affairs of Venezuela, Rodriguez reminded her of Honduras’ infamous record of human rights violations detailing a list of statistics issued by international organizations, including malnutrition, murders of journalists and femicides, among others.

“Venezuela can happily say it does not have such records,” she told Agüero. “As for the Human Development Index, Honduras ranks 130, while Venezuela is 71.”

When Rodriguez ended the list, Agüero responded that she wouldn’t reply on the matter, and rather asked Venezuela how it will put an end to the crisis. “You are saying that Venezuela lives a humanitarian crisis. But forgive me, Venezuela does not have such horrendous records,” replied Rodriguez to applause from part of the audience.

Responding to Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland’s comments on Venezuela, she continued, “I ask you to respect the principle of non-intervention, I ask you to respect the principle of sovereign and equality among states and I ask your representative in Venezuela to stop giving logistical and financial support to my country’s violent (opposition) groups.”