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Mexican Foreign Minister and OAS Secretary General promise to keep up the pressure despite failure in Cancun.

After the latest attempt to intervene in Venezuela’s internal affairs failed at the Organization of the American States, Mexico’s Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray said he will continue to oppose Caracas.

OAS Rejects Venezuela’s Proposal to Discuss Disappearance of Ayotzinapa Students

Speaking at a news conference ending the 47th General Assembly of the OAS in Cancun, Videgaray said his nation will maintain its stance against the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

“Mexico’s position will not change,” said Videgaray, after the organization failed to reach a consensus put forward by 14 states to condemn Caracas and prevent the National Constituent Assembly from rewriting the Venezuelan Constitution.

Videgaray said he expected to get the 23 votes he needed to aprove the proposal, but several Caribbean countries opposed it.

Venezuela sees the Mexican government’s position as an attack on its sovereignty.

A counterproposal was put forward by the 14 members of the Caribbean Community known as Caricom.

It called for an “internal” solution “based on dialogue” and rejected potential international intervention.

At the same meeting, the OAS rejected Venezuela’s proposal to discuss the disappearance of the 43 Ayotzinapa students, the United States’ border wall with Mexico, the expansion of U.S. military bases, and President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement against climate change.

The OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro also said he will resubmit the proposal for international intervention within the organization.

But Almagro did not set a date, despite the fact that Venezuela has already begun the process of leaving the bloc over the issue.

Venezuela Scores Another Victory at OAS, Shames Critics

Almagro said he will present an update to a report he has prepared on the Venezuelan political situation next week.

The Secretary General is still calling for Caracas to call early elections.

But Maduro has rebuffed the requests and has reiterated his committment to the July 30 polls for the National Constituent Assembly.