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(P L) The new policy on Cuba announced by U.S. President Donald Trump, takes us back to the forgotten rhetoric ”Cold War” style, denounced today the Russian foreign ministry in an official communique.
This approach has characterized U.S. attitude to Cuba for decades, recalls the refered Independence.

When the Barack Obama administration made modifications to the policy being applied to the island, we considered that more than a demonstration of good will of some, it was a reflection of the failure of the policy of imposition and sanctions against this small liberty-loving country, it stresses.

The Foreign Ministry considered it was not a kind of ‘deal’, but a well-thought political decision that had no losers, except for the marginal anti-Castros, it highlights.

Now it is evident the anti-Cuban discourse keeps being in high demand. It is something that can only arouse pity, says the document.

We believe no one should have doubts: the arrogant style of bullying Cuba has no future. Facts of the last half a century are a clear example of that, it denounces.

Did politicians in Washington and those politicking in Miami learned nothing?, asks the Russian Ministry of Foreign Relations.

We ratify our steadfast solidarity with Cuba: a friendly peace-loving country, respected member of the international community that carries out a constructive role recognized in Latin America and world issues, states the communiqué.

We are against embargoes, blockades, sanctions and dividing lines, stresses the text, alluding to the economic, commercial and financing blockade imposed for over half a century against Cuba.

We favor dialogue, collaboration, building bridges, as well as communication without impositions and attempts to interfere from abroad in the domestic issues of sovereign States, says the Foreign Ministry.

An eloquent example that most of the countries have the same approach referring to Cuba, are the results of the vote at the United Nations General Assembly against the U.S. blockade, it indicates.

We would like to summon the Trump Administration to hear that voice practically unanimous of the international community, emphasizes the document.