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The South African Council of Churches (SACC) at its recently concluded conference resolved, among others reaffirms our solidarity with Palestinian struggle for justice and the end of Israeli occupation:
1. In the light of current widespread mobilization of Christians going on Pro Israeli trips, it is resolved that the SACC executive encourage alternative tourism trips and pilgrimages through Churches and Tour groups. Such tours and pilgrimages should give a clear picture of the military occupation of Palestine by Israel.
2. In light of many Western countries’ especially USA’s unwillingness to pressure Israel to comply with international law, it is recommended that we invite Christians in those lands to play a prophetic role in relation to their centres of power. Such prophetic role to include a clear call for structural justice in Palestine /Israel.
3. 3 To defeat the idea that to speak against Israeli injustice to be to anti Semitic.
4. Information must be made available to Christian communities in South Africa about the state of affairs in Israel/Palestine. Make better use of the EAPPI and other resources.
5.  Commend BDS to Christians as a nonviolent form of pressuring Israel to change. Further to pressure RSA to stop doing business with Israel.
6. 6 Establish a study group to develop Theological Resources to address Christian support of secular Zionism. Further to clearly distinguish between Zionism as it finds usage among African Indigenous Churches in South Africa, from the secular political and cultural programme of Israeli Zionism.
7. . Encourage the WCC to consider a Programme to Combat Racism in relation to Apartheid Israel that was helpful in the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa.