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Moscow, Jun 14 (P L) President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday warned about Russia”s plans to respond to the challenges to its security posed by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
We will give an appropriate response to NATO’s actions near our borders to keep the strategic balance, but with much less expenditures and without affecting the effectiveness of those measures, Putin explained.

In another part of the serial documentary ‘Putin’, by the U.S. moviemaker Oliver Stone, the Russian president pointed out that NATO’s activity near the borders of his country is a strategic error.

That position will have a response from Russia and will open a new phase in the arms race, the statesman noted.

Putin said that the very presence of the antimissile systems near the Russian borders poses a threat, in addition to the possibility that those launching pads might be turned into offensive weapons in a matter of hours.

The president described the comments published in the magazine Foreign Affairs about the fall of the Russian leadership as a delirium, and noted that they were made by people with a short vision of the future.

According to Putin, presidents in the United States change, but their policy remains intact.

It seems that in the United States there is a state within another state, because there is another true power and leadership that rules the country and makes decisions, he added.

That power includes the big industrial military complex and the family of U.S. intelligence services, whose influence grows excessively, Putin stressed.

That mechanism keeps U.S. President Donald Trump hand-tied and prevents him from making any kind of positive change in relations with Moscow, Putin went on to say.

The Russian president noted that the disintegration of the Soviet Union was one of the great tragedies of the 20th century. Only the fact that 25 million Russians became foreigners overnight justifies that argument, he pointed out.