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Opposition demonstrators throw stones at Venezuelan police during a violent right-wing protest in Caracas.

The crowd struck the victim with sharp objects in different parts of his body, leaving him for dead on the street.

Danny Jose Subero, a retired lieutenant of the Bolivarian National Guard was beaten to death Saturday in the Venezuelan state of Lara by opposition forces during the funeral of Manuel Sosa, a student who died from a gunshot wound during an anti-government protest in Valle Hondo.

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According to witnesses, Subero was nearby taking selfies when a group of people accused him of being an infiltrator, proceeding to strike him with sharp objects in different parts of his body, leaving him for dead on the street. He was taken to Barquisimeto Hospital by police but arrived with no vital signs. Doctors reported that he had shots in different parts of his body, according to La Prensa.

His motorcycle, along with other belongings, were set ablaze on another street and completely destroyed.

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Durante velorio de Manuel Sosa, en Valle Hondo,varias personas agarraron a presunto GNB infiltrado y lo golpearon hasta la muerte

During Manuel Sosa’s funeral, in Valle Hondo, several people grabbed a suspected GNB infiltrator and beat him to death.

Venezuela’s Ombudsman Tarek William Saab condemned the murder, which he described as a lynching. On Twitter, he explained that the official was “savagely beaten by a murderous mob in the urbanization Valle Hondo, who tortured him in the meantime and then shot 2 bullets.” He also described the incident as a hate crime, calling the crowd “criminal lynchers.”

The Public Prosecutor’s Office commissioned a state prosecutor to investigate the death of the 34-year-old Subero.