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Venezuelan opposition protesters demonstrate against the administration of President Nicolas Maduro.

The embassy was hosting an event commemorating the victims of right-wing violence in Venezuela.

Right-wing protesters surrounded Venezuela’s embassy in Madrid, Spain during a community event on Thursday, preventing people from leaving the building.

Mario Isea, Venezuela’s ambassador to Spain, told teleSUR that after hours of being held up in the building, local police evicted the violent protesters. The roughly 100 people attending the event, a commemoration of victims of right-wing violence in Venezuela, were then able to leave the building.

“From the early hours of the day, a violent picket was installed in front of the embassy and we warned the Spanish Government to be responsible for the security of the embassy and the diplomats,” said Isea, who added that he requested for the Spanish government to evict protesters from the area hours in advance.

He added that several Spanish policemen were present when protesters began encircling the building, but that they did little to address the situation.

“This seems like an episode of (Francisco) Franco or (Augusto) Pinochet-era violence.”

Thursday’s event was organized by the civil society group Victims of the Guarimbas. “Guarimbas” are violent street blockades used by right-wing opposition protesters in Venezuela to attack government supporters and police.

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During the event, attendees presented a report on bipartisan solutions to ongoing turmoil in Venezuela.

In response to the far-right protest, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez demanded that the Spanish government “guarantee the integrity of our diplomats.”

“This hatred sown by Venezuela’s opposition has traveled worldwide, denigrating our sacred country alongside our international allies,” she added.

Since early April, the Venezuelan opposition has led almost daily protests against the administration of President Nicolas Maduro. Protests have resulted in the deaths of over three dozen people.