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Out-going President of Ecuador Rafael Correa.

Ecuador’s incumbent president denounced the strategies of the right-wing in Venezuela, reproduced in Ecuador during the electoral campaign.

Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa said Tuesday that he hoped the conflict between the Venezuelan government and the opposition will be solved through dialogue and democracy.

Here’s Your Guide to Understanding Protest Deaths in Venezuela

“Venezuela suffers from harassment of all kinds from the media and economic sectors across the world, while we respect the sovereignty of each country,” he said before a workshop with Alianza Pais legislators.

“With the idea that Ecuador is being converted into Venezuela, the right-wing is reproducing the Venezuelan right-wing’s strategy. They tried it during the elections: first, undermining the legitimacy of the president and his capacity to govern with stability. Then, heat in the streets — and look what they called to the streets — there have been outbreaks of violence,” he said, before accusing the opposition of later presenting itself as a safeguard for the country’s unity.

The solution to the situation, in his opinion, is “peace and democracy,” but with “determination and with the majority of the Ecuadorean people.”

In the past three weeks of repeated violent opposition protests in Venezuela, hundreds have been injured and at least 27 people have died.

Right-wing opposition leaders have attempted to portray the deaths as examples of state repression and evidence of the “dictatorship” that they are aiming to topple. Many of those killed, however, were actually victims of protester violence.