A Venezuelan doctor gets emotional as she describes the impact on the lives of those given free medical care on a daily basis

Barrio Adentro incorporates the talents of Cuban and Venezuelan doctors, as well as the economic and social will of both nations.

Venezuela’s poorest communities now all have health care services via the Barrio Adentro Mission, with 100 percent coverage, according to President Nicolas Maduro, who announced the achievement during a live broadcast.

Telesur visited one of the communities, Barrio Cotiza in Caracas, which currently benefits from the free, social service. The Integral Diagnostic Center has 25 doctors, Cuban and Venezuelan, who dedicate their lives to the well-being of those in the community.

Cuban medic Feliz Cascare has been working at the center for almost three years and said the experience has been very rewarding, adding that the clinic provides a range of medical services, which include intensive therapy, ultrasounds, x-rays and emergency services. “The patients here are poor people. They don’t have anyone else to help them when they get sick.”

Cuban doctor Feliz Cascare tends to a patient. | Photo: Reagan Des Vignes/Telesur

The Barrio Adentro Mission was created in April 2003 with the aim of making primary care a priority in Venezuelan health policy. The goal is to offer a solution to the health-related needs of all Venezuelans, with special attention placed on marginalized populations, all governed by the pillars of universality, equity, accessibility, cultural ownership, gratuity, justice, social participation and civil co-responsibility.

For the program, hospitals and clinics are created in different parts of the country in order to meet people’s health requirements. Additionally, rehabilitation areas have been created to serve those with disabilities.

Cuban doctors are all smiles in front of their clinic. | Photo: Reagan Des Vignes/Telesur

President Maduro said that Venezuela is now only the second country in the world to provide free health care coverage to its people as a right. It is one of a multitude of programs that aim to serve the needs of all the country’s people, including the poorest.