Donald Trump with meets with Peter Thiel, the founder of Palantir, the company reportedly developing the database

The database, expected to be operational by September, will collect bulks of information on potential deportees.

Software company Palantir is gearing up to finalize the development of a massive intelligence database pitted to serve as “the engine for Donald Trump’s deportation machine,” according to an investigative report by the Intercept.

Palantir is reported to be finalizing an intelligence database known as the Investigative Case Management, or ICM. The ICM will be able to collect bulks of data from federal agencies, which will then be moved to a central database to help track down potential deportees.

In what was referred to as an “ecosystem” of data, people’s employment, addresses, phone records, education, personal relationships, travel and work records are set to be collated with the ICM.

Palantir, a California-based company thought to be worth around $US20 billion was founded by Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and aTrump advisor.

According to reports obtained by the Intercept, Palantir was awarded a US$41 million contract for the ICM back in 2014. It is still in development and due to be fully operational by September.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, is expected to use the ICM as part of Donald Trump’s plan for the mass deportation of undocumented people living within the U.S. Trump has previously stated that 10,000 more ICE agents would be hired in the mass deportation program.

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“If President Trump’s rhetoric on mass deportations is going to be turned into reality, then we’re going to see these tools turned in that direction, and these documents show that there are very powerful and intrusive tools that can be used toward that end,” Jay Stanley, a privacy expert at the ACLU told the Intercept.

Last week, Trump described his deportation program as a “military operation,” which White House Spokesman Sean Spicer later corrected as a way to describe how deportations would be carried out with a “high degree of precision, and in a flawless manner.”