BAYAMO, Granma.–Accelerating progress in the professional qualifications of medical personnel and raising the quality of teaching staff with the specialization of faculties have been identified as priorities for the country’s public health system.

Minister Roberto Morales Ojeda reiterated in this eastern city that improvement of training within the system must take a qualitative leap forward in terms of the academic level of faculties at Cuban medical schools, looking to ensure that all courses in basic medical sciences (anatomy, morphology, histology, etc.) be led by specialists in the field.

“For years, a group of comprehensive general medicine doctors, who must be admired and recognized, took responsibility for this work, but looking toward higher quality training of our professionals, it is time now to preparer qualified specialists for undergraduate courses,” emphasized Dr. Efraín Popa, Party Political Bureau member, during a dialogue with students and professors at the medical school branch here.

Toward this end, he noted, the country has invested resources to improve conditions, including the rehabilitation of laboratories, expanding computer resources, and access to updated literature, to encourage professional development and research.