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To Russia, the West attacks by the collaboration of Moscow with Syria in the great task to abolish the terrorism imposed by groups called rebels, in many cases financed and armed by western powers.


With the pardon of some political scientists who long ago ended the Cold War era, I think it is increasingly evident that the warmongering fever is still very latent in sectors of Western governments infatuated in a unipolar world under their tutelage.

The last of these news came from Warsaw, the Polish capital. The Baltic nation is being literally invaded by 4,000 US troops and hundreds of war crews in combat, with the repeated announcement that it is “a brake on the Russian threat in the area.”

That rhetoric of “Russian threat” is not the first time it is heard in speeches or read in official documents of rulers who cling to the confrontation, although this may be apocalyptic for humanity.

Russia, the West attacks by the collaboration of Moscow with Syria in the great task of abolishing the terrorism imposed by groups called rebels, in many cases financed and armed by western powers.

Moscow is also challenged for its decisive role in defending the Russian-speaking inhabitants living on the border with Ukraine.

And the time of the so-called Cold War does not differ much from what happens at the moment when the North Atlantic Organization (NATO) and the world’s largest war power execute plans and implement the sending of troops and means to Nations very close to the Russian territory.

It should also be said that this weekend’s arrival of the first contingents of the 4,000 US troops occupying part of Polish territory has been a media motif to highlight, as CNN does, what Poland’s Prime Minister, Beata Szydlo, on receiving the US military.

“Today is a great day in which we can welcome, here in Zagan, American soldiers who represent the best and largest army in the world,” Szydlo said during the ceremony in the snowy eastern city.

Speaking to the Polish leader, Paul Jones, the US ambassador to that country, said that the newly arrived troops represent the “most capable force in the United States” and embody the “strong commitment” to defending the Allies. NATO.

The combat brigade that arrived in Poland, from Fort Carson, Colorado, will disperse in seven locations in Eastern Europe for training and exercises with European allies.

International press agencies note that the military convoy, which arrived on Thursday, is the first part of a NATO operation that includes some 3 500 US troops, hundreds of tanks and armored vehicles and heavy armaments to strengthen Europe’s allies from the east.

For its part, the BBC reports that the presence of the Americans, according to the Polish authorities, will send a message to Moscow. “This indicates that we are ready for anything,” Jaroslaw Mika, a Brigadier General of the Polish Army, told the press agency.

Meanwhile, it is reported from Moscow by Dimitry Pezkov, spokesman for the Russian presidency, who said that what happened was a “threat to our interests and our security. It is a third country that is strengthening its military presence on our borders in Europe. It is not even a European state. “

Meanwhile, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexei Mechkov said that the deployment of troops is “a factor to destabilize European security.”

The NATO plan also involves countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary, while the UK will participate with the dispatch of fighter planes to the Black Sea and a battalion of soldiers, tanks and light weapons will be deployed in Estonia in the coming months, supported by French and Danish soldiers. It is worth asking one more time: is the Cold War over?