Destacan rol de Cuba en formación de médicos para Sudáfrica

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The Minister of health of South Africa Aaron Motsoaledi said that his country has hospitals that today would be without doctors if it weren’t for Cuba. 

  Highlights press Latin that to the recognize the impact of the program of cooperation with  the nation Caribbean, Aaron Motsoaledi said that more than 400 professional of the medicine, between around 600 cooperating, lend their services currently in South Africa, and on the lack of medical in his country said thatmore than three thousand young South African is form in Cuba as future doctors.   Also insisted that Cuba enjoys a high reputation in the field of training of physicians and emphasized the high quality of its health care systemand said that it is not surprising that Cuba became the first country in the world to eradicate transmission of HIV from mother to son thanks to, among other factors, to primary health care.