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US, Mexico, Cuba ready to sign ‘Doughnut Hole’ deal in Gulf waters.

Cuba and the United States last week sealed an agreement to jointly prevent, contain and clean up oil and other toxic spills in the Gulf of Mexico, as the two sides seek to conclude deals that will make it harder for Trump to reverse a thaw in relations begun two years ago.

Trump has threatened to put an end to the fragile detente unless Havana makes more concessions.

International law gives countries the right to any resources found in the sea within 200 miles of their territory. But when the areas overlap, as they do in the case of the Eastern Gap, countries first must reach an agreement to develop them.

Mexico already has a cross-border agreement with the United States on developing potential oil and gas resources in the Gulf of Mexico, but not with Cuba.

Adriana Barrera, Reuters

January 18, 2017

(Additional reporting by Patricia Zengerle in Washington and Marc Frank in Havana; editing by Simon Cameron-Moore)