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Two days later, the prestigious septet, winner of the 2015 Latin Grammy in the category of Best Traditional Music Album, with the CD No quiero Llanto. Tributo a Los Compadres (Los Canarios Music/Egrem) will perform in the Mexican city of Aguascaliente, and on October 20 during the celebration of Cuban Culture Week in Madrid, Spain, at the Palacio de Vista Alegre, along with other musicians from the island.

These announcements were made as the group continues its collaboration with El Canario, with whom they are already working on a second No quiero Llanto album, to include tracks from a variety of composers, unlike the first which focused on works by the celebrated duo Los Compadres.

Regarding the CD Raíz which the Septeto Santiaguero is preparing with the Cuban label Egrem, band members explained that it will contain 13 tracks, all featuring traditional Cuban music, including compositions by Ignacio Piñeiro, Miguel Matamoros, Ñico Saquito, Sindo Garay, Juan Formell, Adalberto Álvarez, Arsenio Rodríguez and Silvio Rodríguez.

It will be a different, varied album, with danzon, son, trova, Changüí, sucu sucu, rumba, in all their magnitude and musical richness.

Tres player and band leader, Fernando Dewar, commented on the group’s fame, “I believe it is due to the respect with which we perform our music, the respect for that which those who preceded us did, and bequeathed to us. We innovate, but without losing the essence, the root.”