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During a press conference held this Tuesday, July 19, Gail Walker, executive director of the project, stated that Pastors for Peace will continue to offer its solidarity to the Caribbean nation.

Daughter of Reverend Lucius Walker (founder of the initiative), Gail noted that the Caravan visited 45 cities in the United States to talk about the impact of the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the country on Cuba.

We focused on clarifying the changes that have occurred between the two nations since the reestablishment of diplomatic relations, and those which are still pending, noted the executive director.

Walker conveyed a message of congratulations to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, on his 90th birthday and announced that celebrations marking the occasion will take place in various communities around the U.S. this coming August 13.

Meanwhile, Reverend Thomas Smith, a member of the IFCO board of directors, stated that Cuba is a shining light for the world and that the Caravan must continue to work to ensure this light continues to burn bright.

He decried the blockade that affects the lives of Cubans and harms innocent people.
Reverend Raúl Suarez, director of the Martin Luther King Memorial Center (MLKMC) recalled that it is not necessary to ask permission from the U.S. government to practice love toward Cuban neighbors, one of Lucius Walker’s principles which continues to resonate today.

Shortly before the press conference, participants laid a floral wreath at the plaque dedicated to Lucius Walker, located in the Anti-imperialist tribune on Havana’s Malecon.

The 27th Pastors for Peace Caravan, which will be visiting the island through July 29, is composed of 41 individuals; 29 U.S. citizens, nine Mexican, two German and one Swede.