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Evo Morales: CNN Conspires against Anti-Imperialist Governments.   

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By Carmen Esquivel Sarría

La Paz, Jun 30 (Prensa Latina) President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, denounced at a press conference that the US network CNN conspires against his government and against anti-imperialist and progressive countries.

Last February, hours before a referendum on constitutional reform takes place, US journalist and agent, Carlos Valverde, accused the president of influence peddling in favor of his former partner, Gabriela Zapata, and said both had a child.

Shortly after, CNN interview the alleged son of the president and, although he realized the was not the child he talked about, he never reported promptly.

‘If he were a responsible journalist he would have reported it, but as the CNN was another means of communication for political conspiracy, it made silence and did not denounced it. That is the complicity of a crime, “he said.

The head of state expressed regret that some journalists participate at the game of political conspiracy and stated that the prosecution would probably convene the CNN correspondent to be investigated.