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José Antonio García Manso, director general of the Cuban Civil Aviation Institute (IACC) installation, explained in a statement to ACN that following the expansion of the air terminal in 2010, it has been systematically subject to a range of actions to improve quality and security.

Increased comfort in staff offices for those working directly on the airport tarmac, in the air traffic control tower, in passenger waiting rooms, and other areas, as well as the replacement of 14 meters of the perimeter fence, constitute concrete improvements at the terminal.

García Manso noted that Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport, one of the most important in Cuba, is designed for the arrival of approximately 100 flights per day, welcoming 900 passengers per hour, with an average minimum wait time from arrival to exit of 25 minutes below internationally approved figures.

The airport is one of those which will welcome passengers from up to 10 daily flights operated by U.S. airlines from various airports, beginning in the fall of 2016, as approved and announced by the U.S. Department of Transportation last Friday, June 10, as part of agreements reached between Cuba and the United States.

We are ready for the arrival of passengers from the United States, the airport’s director general noted. During the high season we receive up to 142 weekly flights and 20,000 visitors per day. Our main strength is our workforce, highly trained and committed to increasing efficiency, García Manso added.

Next week Air Europa will begin operating two weekly flights to the airport from Madrid, Spain, while last Thursday, June 9, a Portuguese airline began operations to Varadero, María Elena Oviedo, deputy commercial director of the airport, noted, while confirming that Canada remains the top source country of tourists choosing to vacation in Varadero, the main sun and beach tourist destination on the island.