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Opposition’s Undemocratic Stance Criticized in Venezuela .       

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Caracas, Jun 13 (Prensa Latina) ”Venezuela lacks a democratic opposition, respectful of institutions and the law”, wrote today the former vice president, José Vicente Rangel.

In his weekly column El Espejo, Rangel added that, since the 1998 electoral victory achieved by late President Hugo Chavez, the opposition ‘refuses to recognize the new law and permanent conspiracy is used as a means to return to power’.

”This kind of confrontation escalated dangerously, but I must point out that Chavez supporters made important efforts to reverse the process.”

“Chavez tried to do so several times, even in dramatic moments, like immediately after the coup of April 11, 2002,” Vicente Rangel wrote.

”But the opposition, aware of its weakness, seeing that the economic situation is not causing social unrest with military support, strengthens its destabilizing policy on international support,” Vicente Rangel said.

“The conspiracy against Venezuela is in progress. The resources placed at the service of the smear campaign and the shameless actions by internal opposition leave no doubt about the plans that seek to overthrow President Maduro,” Rangel said.

In this regard, Rangel called the opposition to subordinate the ideological disputes to the higher interests of stability and national sovereignty. That would be the only way to achieve the welfare of all Venezuelans.