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According to data shared by the Ministry of Education, regarding the 2015-2016 academic year, more than a thousand public day care centers (círculos infantiles) currently exist in the country, serving more than 115,000 children, and services are being expanded with the licensing of self-employed child care providers.Some 121,731 children are enrolled in public preschools; 680,829 in elementary education; and 37,025 in special needs programs.

The Educate Your Child (Educa a tu hijo) program, is recognized by UNICEF as a successful initiative, applicable across Latin America, and serves more than 70% of Cuban children from birth to six years of age.

Over the last eight years, the infant mortality rate has been under five per one thousand live births, placing Cuba among the few nations worldwide which have reached this figure, a clear expression of the Revolution’s commitment to country’s youngest citizens.