Fidel teaching. By Carlos Luque Zayas Bazán

The people, the government and the Cuban Party long ago are changing and improving the way of democratic participation in running the country. What could not be better – more than consider a aggressed process is a process that has less conditions to minimize errors and overcome difficulties – was due more to the checkered history of Cuba, once either by the ongoing economic blockade and military threats, others by landslides economic field to which he belonged.

However, amid the visit of northern president, and although it was not difficult or for the simplest neighbor toguess which was the main objective of which was diplomatically tolerated interference, have heard some very emphatic signs of problems home when what you say to any child who seeks to educate is that at the time of the visit of a stranger tolerated, the family should not emphasize their internal differences. It is something that should be discussed later. Elementary, especially when the visit is a meeting of opposites , as well stated.

It’s extremely worrying that many ordinary people in Cuba and other parts, with only his natural intelligence and their regular studies, has seen the true face of imperialism behind the gleaming smile graceful and youthful Obama, and that, instead, people with high curricular studies and specialties, so thoroughly confused his public writings and try to confuse others. It seems like they would like tohighlight in the middle of an occasion that gives visibility, as if the ego of personal wisdom and gesture of rebellion and the light of intelligence had to shine much more than the interests of a nation, or were the most important .

I just want to touch on an issue among many.

A Cuban commentator speaks of the “shrieking” “who have warned us of the deceptions of Obama.” As indeed there were such deceptions, warnings, contemptuously considered crying, will not have been more, because it will always be much more ethical and necessary to denounce or warn the deceptions and lies of an enemy in disguise, that educated, happy and sibylline whispers of abject admiration of those who confused and deceived by the supposedly friendly and intelligent personality traits of a president, by definition, never fail to represent the imperial interests of its elite, use the methods you use, whatever their personality or especially when he says of himself belies its local and global action, before and immediately after.

What Obama is not an imperialist nor neocolonialist? Well, if it were not so serious it could take up as a joke, that now we learn that a political and diplomatic convenience, performance magically transforms the essence of imperialist thinking, which is precisely being neo -colonialist.

Smart power is nothing more than a disguise equipment: until the time necessary baring the face, dropping the mask, discover the fascist grimace beneath the beautiful teeth and bombing whole villages anywhere in the world.Or how you call that? If not a procedure in its fascist and genocidal essence pointing decent stroke of a mandarin in a list the name of the man who must die tomorrow outside the jurisdiction of your country, what name do you have? Is it not legitimate homicide illegitimate laws and also applied everywhere? If terrorism practiced by a state, which is millions of times more deadly than any other terrorist attack, and is also the mother of all terrorism cause, what name we give it?

How is it possible not consider that there is nothing different – imperialist in essence a president of that country?

How can we not consider that there is nothing different- in its imperialist essence – between the two American parties that alternate power?

How can we forget that there are more Democratic presidents who have started wars disastrous for humanity, that its very apparent Republican opponents? How can confuse the essences with appearances?

To encourage and support the offensive against Latin American governments who oppose him, what name togive? Not only fascism degree – when necessary – of the violence of capital? The attitude of an American administration is only one degree, or how many degrees you will , less than fascism assumed that less visible dose as necessary in certain circumstances and with selected countries. An American president is not fascist or colonial or neocolonial, which are also gradations of the same essence, because no country to go in a fascist methods, as it does in others.

Obama has confounded intelligent minds, people who seem well – intentioned, perhaps more concerned about their individual talents, and yes succeeded his intelligent proceed. Their tactics are aimed primarily at young people and intellectuals. But I must say that the intelligence deceives is an intelligence that was apt to be misled, or is not intelligence. Now handling technologies are praisedand even advised to study and adopt in the country. Now you are asked our leaders to go on TV with their families to adopt the same makeup and procedures of image manipulation, to give a hypocritical sense of familiarity and closeness to the “humble” to do the same functions circuses. But I think there are many more Cubans ue have learned from the dignity of Fidel, that the falsity of Cutting.

The day the leaders of the Revolution make use of one of these procedures witted clouding of some people, yes already be the beginning of the end of the Revolution and certainly the best of the Cuban identity. And if that happened there are Cubans who will not accept it and therefore there will always be Revolution. That was the penultimate Fidel teaching.