The untold story that Obama wants to forget.By Omar Perez Solomon


They intend to sell to the Cuban youth and other countries the idea that pre revolutionary Cuba was a paradise, when in fact it was the opposite in every way. Data reflected in the book Why the Cuban Revolution?, Published by the Editorial Capitán San Luis realize that during the Batista government, Cuba lived a climate of terror like never before in its republican history.

“They were used instruments to remove eyes, nails, electric prods, whips, sticks to break bones, an arsenal of crime, showing the unprecedented savagery of men who served him.

“The university youth raised a strong protest against the dictatorship and paid with life and generous blood. He fought hard against the repressive forces of the army. The result was broken heads, broken arms, blood stained shirts and death of many young people.

“Appeared corpses lying in ever larger numbers, in deserted fields, at roadsides, hanging from trees or simply abandoned, with signs of torture, in any public place.Hundreds of them would be buried without a death certificate. Some victims of repression remained in the morgue refrigerators there for several weeks later buried in a special grave in the cemetery of Columbus, in the group of strangers.

“In 1956 the Batista government suppresses the limited financial support for the Ballet of Cuba, and started to Alicia Alonso a record in the Bureau of Repression of Communist Activities (BRAC) and the Military Intelligence Service (SIM), two bodies most repressive regime. “

In the socioeconomic order, 85% of small Cuban farmers were paying rent and live under the constant threat of dispossession of their land; more than half of the best productive land were in foreign hands; 90% of rural children were devoured by parasites; the capital, with 22% of the population, had 65% of physicians; then there was only a rural hospital with just 10 beds and no doctor; access to hospitals, which are always full, was only possible through the recommendation of a politician who demanded the unfortunate his vote and his entire family; infant mortalitywas over sixty deaths per thousand live births; 23.6% of the population over 10 years was illiterate and there were more than one million people who could not read and write; in public schools in 100 children enrolling only 6 reached the sixth grade and more than ten thousand teachers were unemployed. [1]

Never in the history state support the game as Batista in Cuba was seen. The state itself was the main driver of vice, and held the National Lottery and illegal gambling;gambling proceeds came to penetrate the Presidential Palace. The tyrant controlled collections by way of illegal clandestine gaming and betting, receiving about 730,000 pesos for it.

The government of the United States of the time made important deliveries of weapons and military to repress the Batista dictatorship the Cuban people teams. In February 1955, Batista received the US Vice President Richard Nixon and in April of that same year the director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Allan Dulles, who represented an endorsement of the US administration to Batista’s repressive regime.

President Obama claims that Cubans forget that state of affairs to return, perhaps multiplied. But he is wrong, the youth of this country know very well what it means in terms of sovereignty and independence erase the historical memory. A septuagenarian friend who lived firsthand the calamities that existed before 1959 recently told me, be sure that future generations never allow scenes like those US Marines in 1949 urinated on the statue of Cuban national hero repeated, José Martí, located in the central park of Havana. Many young people, including the then law student was Fidel Castro, made an active protest outside the US embassy. Cynicism or ignorance of the president a few days ago asked us us to forget the past?

[1] “Why the Cuban Revolution?”. Editorial Capitan San Luis.Havana, 2010.