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Travel and skinny horses Obama. By Angel Guerra Cabrera

It would be desirable that this debate will continue and will add more voices, as healthy as it proves to be for the force of Cuban socialism.

When I say I’m not thinking update only the change of economic model in place, however important, but in the perfeccionamiento- , or reinvention of the Cuban national project in all aspects, especially in the political, cultural and social. Particularly in the enormous gravitation in its conception they are called to exercise protein ethical substances, social justice, national independence, own thinking, equality and participatory democracy arising from the national culture and history, which largely explains why in Cuba came the first socialist revolution in our America, precisely what the occupant of the White House is determined to Cubans forget to look “into the future”.

A future that, judging by his “suggestions” anti -imperialist twist the essence, deep social radicalism and solidarity with others characteristics of the Cuban Revolution to rotate 180 degrees to its dissolution in the predator dominant world system. Suggestions Obama in his speech the Grand Theatre Alicia Alonso Havana imply that Cuba succumb to parasitic and speculative capitalism, founded in fierce individualism and every man for himself, generating social inequality, unemployment and unprecedented poverty even in the own heart of the empire, as well as interventionism, uncontrollable violence and severe tearing of the social fabric in the countries where subordinates imposes its macabre war “against drugs”.

Capitalism with the TPP, the Pacific Alliance and the resurrection of free trade agreements encouraged, as evidenced in the speeches of Obama and Macri in Argentina, division and conquest of Latin America and the Caribbean as it continues its military adventures they have destroyed whole nations in the Middle East and Africa.

The debate in Cuba has shown the importance that the design of the desired society by the majority of preserving and strengthening the independence and full freedom from US imperialism, to the extent that it was this that turned to Cuba, while it was a colony of Spain, in its colony, and in the second half of the nineteenth century, then a protectorate with the military intervention of 1898 and has resorted to significantly cruel, immoral and genocidal means from the revolution of 1959 to thwart Marti emancipating dream that has fueled and continues to fuel the mind and heart of much of the Cubans.

Stay in Argentina of US President went parallel to a national popular mobilization, although omitted cavalierly by Clarin and other media before rained slanders and lies about kirhneristas governments, was one of the largest and most diverse for its social composition and remember that age in years. Most significant was the strong repudiation of the neoliberal policies of Macri your visitor not stop praising. Photos and videos show the rejection of US support for the civil-military dictatorship and its crimes against humanity and even the very presence of Obama, mother insults between, on the 40th anniversary of the coup that established that.

If Obama came to boost the continental counterrevolution that Washington tries to mount from the defeated coup against Chavez (2002), which teaches this trip it is thatyou have very skinny horses.

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