China Opposes Tightening of US Blockade against Cuba


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Beijing, Apr 18 (Prensa Latina) China has reiterated its opposition to the US unilateral measures that tighten the economic, financial and commercial blockade against Cuba, by emphasizing that it is an obstacle to the socioeconomic development and welfare of the Caribbean nation.
China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang told Prensa Latina that the international community has demanded Washington for years to halt its hostile economic war as it damages the interests and life of the Cuban people and it is contrary to the UN Charter.

Lu urged Washington to correct this hostile stance and denounced the extraterritorial nature of its sanctions, which violates international law.

‘The United Nations has repeatedly demanded that the United States puts an end to this cruel and arbitrary policy. Mutual respect, equal treatment, peaceful coexistence and shared-profit cooperation are the best ways to develop ties among countries in the world,’ he said.

China calls on the United States to completely lift the blockade against Cuba, as it is a universal claim that will lead to regional stability and development, he stressed.

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US Congressman Considers Inhuman to Limit Remittances to Cuba.


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Washington, Apr 17 (Prensa Latina) Limiting remittances to Cuban families is simply inhumane, the president of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives, Eliot Engel, said today about that US measure against the island.
Also, this decision and another in order to further restrict the travel of Americans to the Caribbean country will have no effect on the Cuban government, said the Democratic congressman for New York in a statement.

However, he added, they will be a serious blow for the people of the Caribbean nation.

These criteria followed the announcement of new actions against Cuba made by the National Security Advisor, John Bolton, in the city of Miami, Florida, recognized for his negative positions towards the largest of the Antilles.

I urge President Donald Trump to return to smart policies aimed at supporting the Cuban people instead of causing more damage, said the legislator.

In a previous statement, Engel also criticized the determination communicated Wednesday by Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, that as of May 2, his country will fully apply Title III of the Helms-Burton Law against Cuba.

Through this legislative section, nationals of the United States will have the possibility of taking their courts to individuals and companies, including those of third countries, who invest in Cuban territory on nationalized properties after the triumph of the Revolution on January 1, 1959.

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EU and Canada to Fight New US Sanctions on Cuba.


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A man cycles past a sign touting the Cuban Revolution on Dec. 27, 2018, in Havana.

U.S. citizens can sue those conductingbusiness with 200 state-owned institutions in Cuba nationalized after Jan. 1, 1959.

US Marks Anniversary of Its Defeat at Bay of Pigs by Imposing New Sanctions Against Cuba

“The EU and Canada consider the extraterritorial application of unilateral Cuba-related measures contrary to international law,” the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini and Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said in a statement that was also signed by Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland.

The “Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act,” commonly known as Helms-Burton, was signed on March 12, 1996, during former President Bill Clinton’s administration, with the objective of disrupting foreign investment to the island and accentuating the economic effects of the economic blockade.

Through the application of Title III, U.S. citizens could sue in their country’s courts those persons and entities that conduct business with about 200 state-owned institutions in Cuba that were nationalized after Jan. 1, 1959. However, since the Clinton administration, the U.S. had avoided the implementation of this measure by issuing “temporary” six-month suspensions.

This practice became normalized because the full enforcement of the anti-Cuban law would imply massive damages not only for Cuba but for U.S., Canadian, and mainly European interests, as the bloc is the largest foreign investor on the island and the country’s top export market.

The EU has argued that the law is illegal under World Trade Organization rules because it affects entities outside U.S. territory. Yet after negotiations with the U.S., a waiver was agreed upon, in 1998, to avoid the act affecting European businesses. In return, the EU dropped a challenge in the WTO to the U.S. legislation.

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Nancy Pelosi Denies Accusations that Ilhan Omar is Anti-Semitic.


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La representante Omar se limpia las lágrimas de sus ojos mientras habla sobre las políticas de la administración de Trump hacia los inmigrantes musulmanes en una conferencia de prensa en las afueras del Capitolio de los Estados Unidos en Washington.

“I don’t think the congresswoman is anti-Semitic. I wouldn’t even put those in the same category.”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi criticized U.S. President Donald Trump for politicizing the 9/11 terror attacks in an attempt to harm the image of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.


Progressives, Democrats Slam Trump over ‘Disgusting’ Video linking Ilhan Omar to 9/11

Pelosi jumped to Omar’s defense during a CNN interview this week, saying that the Minnesota congresswoman is not anti-semitic.

“I don’t think the congresswoman is anti-Semitic. I wouldn’t even put those in the same category,” Pelosi, America’s top Democrat, told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. “We have no taint of that [anti-Semitism].”

Pelosi said Trump’s attack on the congresswoman is due to the fact that he “is out of ideas.” She would add “and just because they want to accuse somebody of that doesn’t mean that we take that bait.”

The feud between Omar and Trump recently intensified on Monday when the U.S. President said the congresswoman’s previous comments were “anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and ungrateful U.S. HATE statements.”

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New Orleans Mayor Visits Cuba to Build Relations.


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New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell meets with children at a primary school in Cuba.

“It’s no secret we’ve been in Cuba breaking down silos and building relationships to help create economic, literacy, health and new opportunities for the people of New Orleans. Just follow me on social. #CityOfYes.”


US Official Confirms Anti-Cuba Law to Move Forward, Pushing Relations to ‘Worst Levels’

According to ESSENCE, the New Orleans Mayor traveled to Cuba with a large delegation consisting of educators, politicians, city officials, and business people.

Cantrell reportedly toured the Caribbean nation and studied their different institutions so that she could help benefit her constituents.

“The connection between New Orleans and Cuba is real. The culture, food, and our people have their souls rooted in community,” the Mayor told ESSENCE, adding that “the historic architecture, music, expressions of dance. Passion and pride. The leadership is willing to and is interested in creating a sister-city partnership that will be aligned with some of our top priorities around education, healthcare, culture, trade, and economic development.”

The Mayor was also received well in Cuba as many officials and lawmakers, including the Minister of Public Health José Angel Portal Miranda, complimented Cantrell on her sincerity and open-mindedness.

“It’s no secret we’ve been in Cuba breaking down silos and building relationships to help create economic, literacy, health and new opportunities for the people of New Orleans. Just follow me on social. #CityOfYes,” the Mayor’s Twitter account said on April 5.

​​​The trip was organized by the President of Diaspora Travel Experience, Abril Baloney Sutherland, Esq., who discussed with ESSENCE the ongoing U.S. embargo on Cuba.

“The U.S. embargo makes access to basic goods and materials difficult in Cuba,” Sutherland told ESSENCE. “Basic items such as school supplies, athletic equipment for kids, toiletries, food products, medical equipment, medications, biotechnology, and much-needed construction materials and equipment, to name just a few, are out of reach for most people.”

Sutherland also highlighted the issues affecting Black Cubans as a result of the U.S. blockade.

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Venezuelan UN Envoy: Secret Meetings Taking Place to Plan War.


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El embajador de Venezuela ante las Naciones Unidas, Samuel Moncada, dijo que se está sentando terreno

Among those participating at the so-called “bi-partisan non-profit research organization” were people who helped plan war acts in Nicaragua.


US Pushing for War with Venezuela: Moncada

“The worst part of this meeting is that there were people there such as Roger Noriega, who has publicly stated that he supports an army (of mercenaries) made up of Venezuelans and Colombians and paid with Citgo funds, who would go into Venezuela to help the United States and Colombia. In case it actually happens, the United States would occupy that “liberated territory, a territorial partition in Venezuela, like what happened in Libya,” stated Moncada.

In this context, he made it clear that the United States is planning to allow U.S. President Donald Trump take all the credit for a “liberation” while the economic and mortal costs are paid for by Venezuelans killing themselves.

These secret conspiratorial meetings against Venezuela were made public by journalist Max Blumenthal via the The GrayZone. The Venezuelan government has pledged to take their complaints to the proper international judicial bodies where necessary.

Roger Noriega, a U.S. diplomat with warmongering experience, “has experience with (Elliot) Abrams in making war in Nicaragua,” added the Venezuelan ambassador before the U.N.

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Nearly 150 Killed in Battle for Libya’s Tripoli: WHO.


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Shoes are pictured in a house damaged by shelling during the fighting between the eastern forces and internationally recognized government is pictured in Abu Salim in Tripoli, Libya April 15, 2019.

The clashes have displaced more than 18,000 people, according to the latest figures from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Eastern Libya Parliament Head Says Forces Will Push to Tripoli

Fighting broke out as Haftar’s forces sought to take control of Tripoli from loyalists of the internationally-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) which is based in the capital.

The GNA called for an end to the fighting on Monday and to move to political dialogue with eastern Libyan commander Khalifa Haftar.

In a news conference in Tripoli, Interior Minister, Fathi Bashaga, heavily condemned the bombing of civilian areas, including schools and the latest demolition of a book storage unit carrying books for the upcoming academic year.

With fighting between the two sides entering its second week, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Siala, added that LNA troops must depart the capital in order to make way for a political resolution and ceasefire.

The rising number of casualties has prompted the World Health Organization to deploy surgical teams “to support Tripoli-area hospitals as they cope with the influx of trauma cases,” the UN agency wrote on Twitter.

At least eight ambulances have been hit during clashes in the southern outskirts of the capital, as both sides have defied international calls to halt the fighting.

WHO urged “all parties to exercise restraint and avoid causing collateral damage to hospitals, ambulances and health workers.”

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Cutting Military Aid to Israel is ‘on the Table’: Ocasio-Cortez.


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Cutting Military Aid to Israel is

I think it is certainly on the table. I think it’s something that can be discussed,” New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said on Sunday


AOC Introduces Bill To Block ‘Fake National Emergency’ by Trump

AOC told the podcast that she is in favor of cutting military and economic aid to Israel as a means to combat Netanyahu’s pledge to annex settlements in the West Bank.

“I think it is certainly on the table. I think it’s something that can be discussed,” she told the podcast.

During an interview with Israel’s Channel 12, Netanyahu said, “I will impose sovereignty, but I will not distinguish between settlement blocs and isolated settlements,” he continued, The Associated Press reported. “From my perspective, any point of settlement is Israeli, and we have responsibility, as the Israeli government. I will not uproot anyone, and I will not transfer sovereignty to the Palestinians.”

In response to these comments, the congresswoman likened the Israeli Prime Minister to an “authoritarian, Trump-like figure.”

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Cuba Works Hard for the Return of its Doctors Kidnapped in Kenya.


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La Habana, 14 abr (PL) El presidente cubano, Miguel Díaz-Canel, afirmó hoy que el Estado está trabajando incansablemente por el regreso de dos médicos secuestrados en Kenia.
“Cuba está trabajando incansablemente para el regreso seguro de Assel y Landy, nuestros médicos secuestrados en Kenia”, escribió el dignatario en su cuenta de Twitter.

‘Con ellos y sus seres queridos compartimos la certeza de que su misión humanitaria será respetada y reconocida. Creemos en el poder de la Solidaridad “, agregó Díaz-Canel en su mensaje.

El día anterior, la ministra de Relaciones Exteriores de Kenia, Mónica Juma, transmitió su solidaridad a los familiares de los médicos cubanos secuestrados después de tener una conversación telefónica con su homólogo cubano Bruno Rodríguez.

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Sudan’s Protesters Vow to Continue Demanding Civilian Gov’t.


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Sudanese demonstrators paint a mural in Khartoum, Sudan April 14, 2019.

Sudanese protesters will not stop protesting until their demand for the formation of a civilian government is met by the ruling military council.


Sudan Lifts Curfew Amid Talks Between Military and Protesters

The protest organizations are in dialogue with the new military rulers of the country after formerPresident Omar al-Bashir was ousted and arrested by the army.

A statement by the Alliance for Freedom and Change, an umbrella group of protest organizations said its 10-member delegation team submitted a list of demands Saturday which includes restructuring the country’s feared National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS).

Sudanese Professionals’ Association (SPA) called for the establishment of a transitional council which would be protected by the armed forces, adding it would exert “all forms of peaceful pressure to achieve the objectives of the revolution.”

Sudanese Defense Minister Mohammed Ahmed Awad Ibn Auf was supposed to lead the Military Transitional Council (MTC) that is supposed to run the country for up to two years until new presidential elections are had.

Just a day after overthrowing former president Omar al-Bashir who was in power since 1989, Ibn Auf stepped down as the council leader. Protesters said Ibn Auf is too close to the now former regime.

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