Wales 2014.

Wales 2014

Sara Rosenberg

NATO Summit in Wales

Twenty-nine criminals pose for a photo.The predominant gunmetal

and rigorous monetary order usury satisfied smile.

Emerging from an office decorated which have signed it will be war

and thousands of innocent people killed by bombs valuable generation.

The stock will rise and fill actions triggered more pocket partners and masters.

It’s time to enjoy impunity. They met purge his bloody work.

Was then transferred to a large open area, killer heads up and watch the planes flying with bright bellies ready to kill.

Twenty-nine smiles and applause celebrating the crimes that have been woven

while in heaven patriotic colored smoke trails advertised gain.

On television smiling faces frozen and the photographs reproduced

in infinite covers for idiots we-we feed every day.

A rapid reaction force will be most useful to plunder the gas and finish

thousands of unarmed civilians unlisted banking and living do not give revenue.

In the office are designed to ghost with black flags, knives and much gore. The ghost will continue to sell their cheap oil and buying weapons.

Smiles twenty NATO criminals. No more profitable business than death. Reconstruction plan of destruction, and tech companies.

They smile, not understanding that down on earth and from below, vena humanity

his grave. When there is nothing to lose but the chains and fear.

Frozen smile in photographs that reflect a historical moment

at the beginning of a century that will be remembered for the rage of war profiteering.

As a woman from the rubble collects the body of his beloved, look to the sky

and sings the story of the crime beat, so you never forget and be judged.


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