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Either we unite or we will be the star 51 US alert Atilio Boron


The future of Latin America is the unity and progress steadily towards integration or we will become the star 51 of the American Union, warned the Argentine political scientist Atilio here Boron.

The author of “Latin America’s imperial geopolitics” and other books participate in a meeting of Latin American parties and movements left that takes place in Ecuador, whose main goal is to draw a plan of action against the conservative restoration underway in the region.

The threat is very strong, and the American project seeks to Latin America to return to the situation that had the night of December 31, 1958, Boron Prensa Latina said, referring to the eve of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution led by Fidel Castro , and changed the political landscape of the region.

According to the Argentine intellectual, Washington’s plans go through to support and encourage the revival of the Latin American right, who was forced to retreat by the almost simultaneous triumph of leftist governments in Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil earlier of this century.

United States is making now launch this conservative restoration to try to recover this region always considered his, stressed Boron, who spoke at the eve of the six workshops Progressive Latin American Meeting concludes Tuesday in Quito.

In his view, such events are very positive, while foster discussion and analysis of the dangers facing left parties and organizations, and integrationist blocks as the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States and the Union of South American Nations where Washington is not involved.

It has been a very rich very fruitful meeting in the discussions, said Boron on the meeting organized by the ruling PAIS Alliance, led by President Rafael Correa, and who yesterday also urged participants to consolidate Latin American unity to counter the destabilizing attempts Right.

The event brings together 37 organizations from left twenty countries on Tuesday is expected to approve a plan of action against that Correa denounced by conservative restoration.



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