Visits of Presidents of China and Russia create milestones in the external relations of Cuba.

Visits of Presidents of China and Russia create milestones in the external relations of Cuba

With just days apart to Cuba recently conducted separately historical visits Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russia, Vladimir Putin, opportunities in the Greater Antilles began a new phase in their ties with these nations.

Obvious the vital role of China and Russia in the international arena, both geopolitically and economically, it does not happen up the BRICS.

Cuba and other South salute the growing role of this partnership, which also belong to India, Brazil and South Africa, because it sets guidelines on the way to the essential global multipolarity.

Staying in Cuba State Head of China, after a hard agenda in Latin America for nearly two weeks, showed the large existing communication between the leaders of both governments.

Highlights the scope, visibility and economic impact of nearly 30 agreements signed by the governments of Cuba and China.

This is a legal cover reaffirming the status of the Asian giant as a second trading partner of the island and important source of financing for joint ventures.

From this visit, Cuba and China begin or strengthen, as appropriate, their ties in the areas of cyberspace, industry, health, culture, telecommunications, measuring water consumption, biotechnology, renewable energy, livestock, agriculture and education.

With the granting of a credit line, be viable to build a multipurpose terminal in the eastern port of Santiago de Cuba, a window to the Caribbean and South America.

The Asian nation will participate through the National Oil Corporation oil recovery in one of the sites and will serve Cuban drilling.

In energy Cuba also finalized new Russian assistance, the culmination of the visit to Havana by President Vladimir Putin.

The Russian government, which wrote off 90 percent of existing debt from the time of the Soviet Union, promised to help that, in the words of Putin, helps to overcome the “illegal blockade” in reference to the siege of United USA.

To mark the permanence of Putin in Cuba, the parties initialed 10 legal instruments in the fields of energy, information, peaceful use of cosmos, attention to natural disasters, culture and health.

Cuban President Raul Castro, welcomed matches with Russia in various aspects of foreign policy and said his government agrees with the current policy of firmness and intelligence holding Russia.

Cubans have to work with skill and tenacity to implementing multiple mutually beneficial agreements separately with the governments of China and Russia, with which even programs are long-term cooperation.


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