Received Order of Sporting Merit American swimmer Diana Nyad.

Received Order of Sporting Merit American swimmer Diana Nyad

by Harold Iglesias

“If there is something really important to you, find the path, it is never too late to pursue your dreams.”

So just launched his words Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, first vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers to paraphrase a thought Diana Nyad swimmer, deserving of the Order of Sporting Merit, at the request of INDER, the Council imposed State on Saturday afternoon.

Nyad did just that, pursuing his dream to swim 90 miles from Havana to Key West, feat materialized at 64 the September 2, 2013 after approximately 52 hours and 54 minutes of intense bracear and kicking. Is your goal?Send a message of unity and friendship between the two peoples and radiate that philosophy to the world.

“Diana Nyad is an example of extraordinary woman, a force of will and boundless determination, which registered swim a glorious chapter in the history of sport. It is a great honor to confer the highest distinction awarded by the state council athletes, personalities and institutions of excellence, in this case also, as a special symbol of friendship between the peoples of Cuba and the United States, “Diaz Canel deepened.

Nyad, deeply thrilled with the recognition, said: “I have received many honors, countless signs of respect, but today albergo a deep emotion, for this, I consider the most prestigious of all.

“Since 1978 I always envisioned this feat as a stop and a record of humanism, I was 30 years without swimming and 60, after the death of my mother, I decided to live life intensely. The answer I found in Cuba, in its flag in the hospitality of its people, in a country which also admire for their high levels of education and in the health sector, and also possess many of the best athletes world.

“I decided then that potential out, dump it together with my team in terms of sending a message to the rest of the planet. It took four attempts, but I think today proudly on my next project: walk across my country in 2016 (about three and a half months), from California to Washington DC. project that will engage one million people. The message will combat obesity and help reduce heart disease. In both cases, walking is a great exercise.

For these things of life, another swimmer Susie Maroney Australian also earned distinction so great, after swimming 197 miles between Mexico and Havana in 38 hours and 33 minutes, materializing his epic on June 1998.

Also presided over the ceremony, José Ramón Fernández, President of the Cuban Olympic Committee, and Christian Jimenez, head of INDER, who beat him in the presence of Cuban sports glories, and other personalities, Diana Nyad Order.


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